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About Dr. Nathan Thompson

I'm living proof on how the right type nutrition and the right type of exercise can transform a life. I was that person years ago that was tired, overweight, and stressed. I didn't know where to turn. Years ago, I discovered high intensity, short duration exercise and hormone-based nutrition and it changed my life. I lost over 30 pounds in just weeks and began doing things with my fitness I couldn't even do in my physical prime. No longer was I going to the gym without a plan or motivation, doing the usual 60 minutes of machines and cardio. I was now excited to go, because I had a plan and the motivation to start rebuilding my body to become the strongest, fittest, and leanest version of myself I had ever experienced. Years later, I've now helped thousands achieve the results that they never thought possible through the T28 Challenge and my book, Transformation 28. One thing is for certain; if I can do it, so can you. I look forward to helping you become the best version of YOU by changing how you exercise and how you eat.

  • Debbie M:
    "The nutrition program is excellent, and the workouts are challenging, but scaled to your level. If you truly want to change your life, this is for you!”
    Debbie M:
  • Judy S.
    “This has been a life-changing experience for my health and fitness!”
    Judy S.
  • Lynn S.
    “The fitness results you achieve makes this an exercise program you will never second guess!”
    Lynn S.
  • Jo H.
    “I've tried many diet's many workouts over years this one by far is the best! I am 53 years old, was overweight and always tired. In 28 days, I’ve not only felt better, but I have more energy, lost 19 pounds and gained a “can do” attitude!”
    Jo H.
  • Annette T.
    “I just completed the T28 Challenge and I have to say that while it truly has been challenging, I absolutely love doing this! I lost 15 lbs. and have been eating healthier than I have in years. My energy level is greatly improved and I really do feel great.”
    Annette T.